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Consolidate your health savings accounts (HSA)

Has your employer changed its benefits provider, or have you recently switched jobs and now have multiple HSAs?

Complete the three steps below to consolidate your HSAs into one easy-to-manage account with Optum Bank.
See the Transfer FAQs section below for tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Enjoy streamlined account management with one consolidated HSA

   Convenient payroll contributions to your account

   Simplified tax reporting and HSA statements

   Manage all expenses and investments in one place

   One customer support center for all of your needs

Having all of your HSA dollars in one place makes sense

Your employer has selected Optum Bank as its trusted HSA provider. If you have multiple HSAs with different providers, why not bring all of your accounts together?

One consolidated HSA with Optum Bank makes managing and growing your HSA dollars easy. Follow the steps above to transfer your funds.

Questions? We are here to help. Contact us at 1-866-234-8913 for assistance.

Transfer FAQs

Frequently asked questions